I appreciate many things about The Oncology Group — the professionalism of the team members, the extraordinary depth of knowledge of their team, and their facilitation skills of multiple simultaneous projects. They built trust by demonstrating they care as much about our cancer center’s success as I do. Since this is our first venture into radiation therapy, the project would not be successful without their leadership and expertise. I am also impressed with their connections in advocacy and policy throughout the entire country. I have recommended The Oncology Group to others many times and will continue recommending them! Client of The Oncology Group
The Oncology Group’s expertise and experience have been valuable assets to our organization. They have assisted us with two large projects, one of which was a feasibility study for establishing a new cancer center, working on the business plan and then assisting with the overall project management from construction to opening of the facility. The Oncology Group has made a significant impact to our organization by being a true partner. They take time to understand us as an organization and have seamlessly become part of our team. The Oncology Group has rolled up their sleeves and worked diligently with us on every detail of the project to make it a success. I would recommend The Oncology Group — they are not just a consulting company but a true partner and truly care about your success. Kris Gaster, Assistant Vice President of Outpatient Cancer Clinic, Avera Cancer Institute
I consider The Oncology Group to be the group. They have the leading expertise in oncology care across the country. I think their knowledge really expands and covers all aspects of oncology care, whether clinical, patient center service, public policy or organizational governance. Their breadth and depth of knowledge is not exceeded by anyone. The Oncology Group brings a remarkable degree of credibility when working with interdisciplinary teams, organizational leaders or governing bodies. Their interpersonal skills, their ability to interview and to listen, to synthesize what they heard, to challenge assumptions in a respectful way and to build consensus are incredibly strong. I would absolutely recommend The Oncology Group. Client of The Oncology Group