All cancer programs have drugs and technology to treat the disease, but the setting and way patients navigate the process can affect patient outcomes and their satisfaction. Successful cancer center program administrators want to make sure they are building the facility that exceeds the patients’ expectations.

The Oncology Group works with physician leadership, organization leaders, patients, administrative and clinical staff and the architectural design team to help design a cancer facility that complements the services provided by the healthcare team. Our approach to designing facilities and selecting equipment is holistic, so the project may include these components:

  • Market Analysis and Feasibility Studies — This analysis will determine the feasibility of the expansion of, or the addition of, new programs or services.
  • Equipment and Technology Assessment — We work with physicians and leadership to understand equipment capabilities and options in a rapidly changing environment. We help clients understand best practices and technology based on national trends. Our recommendations are tailored to your organization’s vision.
  • Cancer Center Facility Planning — We work with all stakeholders to assist the architectural team with designing a facility that allows clinical staff to be productive, patients to be an integral part of the healing process and caregivers to work efficiently as they support the cancer patient.
  • Equipment Planning and Project Management — More than choosing a vendor or a specific piece of equipment, equipment planning involves installation, physician and staff training, maintenance agreements, impact on support departments and life cycle management. In addition to providing project management, The Oncology Group can consult and advise throughout all stages of equipment planning and acquisition.

You’re the expert in providing the best care for your patients. We’re experts in planning and delivering the most up-to-date, efficient and aesthetically pleasing facility for you to do it in. Let The Oncology Group guide you through any—or all—phases, from analysis to design to completion.