The Oncology Group is a multifaceted team of professionals with business as well as clinical expertise. We're not just consultants weighing in as spectators; our broad, in-the-trenches field experience enables us to understand the challenges you face in all aspects of your practice.

With a focus on cancer program strategic planning, our approach covers the full continuum of care to ensure that your cancer care experiences meet your patients’ expectations. To make things run smoothly for both the patient and the cancer program, we consider not only clinical service integration but your program’s financial well-being. Increasingly, we are seeing a need for clinical service assistance such as interim management in cancer programs. Our team can provide immediate on-site personnel to ensure that operations are not interrupted. To assist with your financial goals, our Revenue Recovery service line will review your past year of charges and make certain your charge capture for drugs, administration and procedures is accurate. Our goal is to help you run the most efficient, compliant and profitable operation you can.

The Oncology Group operates with a proven track record of excellent results in cancer program strategic planning. Take advantage of our experience and industry-leading knowledge and grow your oncology services. Click here to download our brochure.

About The Oncology Group's Affiliates in Medical and Radiation Oncology

As your business partners in oncology billing, consulting, medical billing and coding and cancer center design and construction, Revenue Cycle Inc., RC Billing and Infinity Oncology provide medical and radiation oncology specialists an all-around support team for the business side of oncology care.

A comprehensive group of professionals, including financial experts with clinical backgrounds, Revenue Cycle Inc., provides superior medical and radiation oncology consulting and management services to healthcare providers. Click here to download our brochure.

As an affiliate of The Oncology Group, RC Billing specializes in medical and radiation oncology billing, oncology coding and oncology collections. Our experts understand every aspect of oncology and integrate that knowledge throughout a specialized medical and radiation oncology billing process. Providing customized services for free-standing oncology practices, clinic- and hospital-based facilities, RC Billing leads the way in maximizing revenues for today's medical and radiation oncology specialists. Click here to download our brochure.

Coding Strategies offers an unparalleled breadth of tools to meet every role and need along the continuum of knowledge, including auditing, education, reference tools and consulting services for outpatient coding and compliance. They provide coding professionals, and anyone responsible for medical code assignment, with the education and support services needed to ensure compliant and accurate reimbursement. To see a list of services and products Coding Strategies offers, Click here.