Cancer program leaders are sometimes overwhelmed by the demands of daily operations and special projects. The Oncology Group can help ease the burden, providing seasoned oncology professionals to help execute action plans that improve your operations. Assignments may vary from months to one to two years—whatever fits your needs.

Building Projects. When it’s time for your organization to construct a new building or renovate current space to accommodate patient volume increases or address patient safety issues, call on us. We can connect you with clinical and administrative leaders who have served as project managers for a range of multimillion dollar projects, including medical and radiation oncology facilities.

Leadership Vacancy. Cancer program leaders are in demand today as programs grow and evolve to accommodate an aging population. Unfortunately, it seems the demand is sometimes greater than the supply. When a leader unexpectedly leaves your organization, even if he or she gives you 30 days’ notice, you’re still tight on time for securing a replacement. Oftentimes other managers are asked to fill in during the interim, but a search can last anywhere from six to twelve months. Instead of taxing current staff, opt for a seasoned, experienced leader to step in for the duration of your search.

Special Projects. Say your hospital has decided to transition from the current Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to Epic. The program is seeking accreditation from the Commission on Cancer (CoC), American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), American Society of Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) or any of the other professional organizations. Patient feedback indicates you should add a psycho-social program. All of that is a lot to take on. Although it may be a learning experience for your leaders, the time and stress involved in undertaking these changes may not allow them sufficient time and energy to fully focus on daily operations, which can adversely affect patient satisfaction scores. Benefit from the expertise of a professional who has already mastered similar projects at other organizations—The Oncology Group will find the perfect fit.

Whether it’s temporarily filling an unexpected vacancy, handling a special project or managing the rapid growth of your program, The Oncology Group’s interim leaders will deliver results, collaborating with and complementing your current team.