The Oncology Group combines years of hands-on experience with a strong national cancer consulting reputation - a unique combination in today’s environment. We focus on market analysis and operational implementation, but that’s not all. We’re adept at facilitating group discussions and developing physician participation and alignment to secure buy-in and support for strategies and goals.

By applying proprietary models based on national databases, The Oncology Group accesses realistic cancer market shares and sets objectives that reflect your program’s size, level of oncology services and financial resources. With demographic studies, on-site interviews, and small group working sessions, our approach allows us to analyze the potential for increased patient volumes and develop program strategies to draw patients to your institution and affiliated physicians.

We recognize that in the current healthcare environment, leaders must continually optimize clinical outcomes while balancing economic constraints and funding demands. Our philosophy and process for program planning and decision-making actively involve senior management, physicians (both private practice and hospital employed/integrated ), physician leaders and other stakeholders. We nurture constructive environments in which all interested parties can voice concerns, provide insight, and discuss potential strategies and actions and their financial implications.