Julia Williams


Senior Consultant

Julia has worked within the healthcare services for almost 25 years in a variety of roles. Her unique experience afforded her the ability to have a broad understanding of the overall healthcare industry and the delivery of patient care. She currently serves as a Regional Business Development Manager of Clinical Laboratory & Anatomic Pathology within Academic Medicine and Community Healthcare. However, with over eighteen years in Oncology, Julia has continued to stay active as a specialist within Oncology & Research through her consulting, recruiting and advisory work. Her experience gives her a comprehensive understanding of clinical operations and how to successfully build an infrastructure that integrates an oncology program across an entire system.

As a two-time breast cancer survivor herself, Julia has a passion for her work. She is an active member of several professional healthcare associations and currently sits on the Vendor Committee for the Association of Cancer Executives (ACE) and the Planning Committee for The International Oncology Leadership Conference (IOLC). She serves as a Global Executive Advisor & Director of Patient Advocacy to EHMEThealth in addition to her other active advisory board roles in industry.