Ron DiGiaimo


Chairman of the Board

Ron DiGiaimo brings impressive skills to the firm, including more than 27 years' experience in clinical, mid-level and executive level operational management, and a solid oncology financial management background. He is also a proven strategist in specialty practice building, medical coding and documentation for both Part A and Part B reimbursement and has broad experience with marketing, day-to-day operations, development, and public relations.

Ron's particular strong suit is operational management of cancer facilities. His knowledge of quality care along with referral patterns is key to assisting physicians and/or hospital administration in the selection and mentoring of staff and execution of operational goals. Goals in oncology centers can vary widely from new service line, new geographic penetration, construction, proforma or any combination of the above. Ron has experience in these areas and enjoys the opportunity to work with a team to make the plan a reality.

Ron is active with ACRO, ASTRO, SROA, ACCC, ACE, AAMD, ASCO, ACHE and several other such groups, DiGiaimo works to forward the cause of oncology care. He currently assists with the publication of the American College of Radiation Oncology Practice Management Guide, which serves to educate all National Medical Directors from Medicare to commercial insurers as well as the oncology community. The guide contains information helpful to medical coding, reimbursement, practice valuation, marketing, new technology and many other items of interest.

DiGiaimo earned an MBA from Oklahoma Christian University and a Bachelors degree in Health Administration from Weber State University. He is also a past Radiation Therapist, trained at Allen Shivers Radiation Therapy School in Austin, Texas, and has an Associates Degree of Radiography from MCC in Waco, Texas.