Terry Massey


Senior Consultant

For more than 20 years, Terry has played a key role in helping oncology programs increase profits and grow their operations. Known for his sharp analytic skills, innovative approach to solving problems, and broad knowledge of oncology, he specializes in helping The Oncology Group clients operate more profitably.

Terry’s career includes controller and CFO roles at a major, publicly traded physician practice management firm as well as privately owned oncology practices. His specialties include introducing new sources of revenue, cutting unnecessary costs, and implementing tools and systems that significantly improve efficiency and financial health. Working closely with revenue cycle teams, he identifies and corrects financial issues and process weaknesses, yielding significant improvements in income.

In the late 1990's, Terry pioneered the Revenue Recovery and began immediately enhancing practices' profits at no risk. Many practices have significantly increased their profits and improved their operations as a result. Revenue Recovery was developed in response to income lost from oncology billing complexities and human errors.

For example, he guided one client (a radiation practice) through successful integration with medical oncology, surgical oncology, and radiology. Terry's expertise was instrumental in the evaluation, successful integration, and the operations of new service lines, radiation treatment modalities, locations, and physicians. His leadership and initiative led to the practice being selected to participate in a Medical Home program and grant.

A CPA, Terry earned his MBA in finance from the University of North Texas and his bachelor degree in accounting from Harding University.